Another Unlikely Team-Up

The Bob Larkin SketchbookYesterday at the Pandora Zwieback website, I posted a one-of-a-kind sketch cover drawing of teenaged monster hunter Pandora Zwieback teamed up with the 1930s’ #1 pulp-fiction adventurer, Doc Savage, The Man of Bronze, courtesy of art-legend Bob Larkin, who’s not only one of the greatest Doc cover painters ever, but who’s also the cover painter of the Pandora Zwieback novels Blood Feud and Blood Reign! Well, he didn’t stop with just one sketch!

Today’s blog post is another Larkin sketch treat, and yet another what if–style meeting, this one involving Doctor Who’s Twelfth Doctor (played by actor Peter Capaldi) and… Well, you’ll just have to pop over to the Pan blog to find out. It sure surprised me when I saw what Bob had cooked up!

Speaking of Bob Larkin, have you seen StarWarp Concepts’ The Bob Larkin Sketchbook? Behind that eye-catching cover art of Ms. Zwieback, it contains spectacular pencil drawings of Doc Savage, the Shadow, space heroes, and a host of other subjects by the talented Mr. Larkin. It’s 24 pages of artistic goodness, available exclusively from the StarWarp Concepts webstore. Visit the Bob Larkin Sketchbook product page for all the ordering information, as well as sample pages.

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