thirtreen_day_pandemonium“The 13 Days of Pan-demonium” is an artistic celebration of teenaged Goth adventuress and budding monster hunter Pandora Zwieback, star of author Steven A. Roman’s series of young adult dark-urban-fantasy novels and comic books. The artists involved feature some of the brightest talents in the comic book industry (plus Roman’s own interpretation of Pan).


visions_of_lorelei“Visions of Lorelei” is an artistic celebration of StarWarp Concepts’ first supernatural femme fatale, the soul-stealing succubus Lorelei. Debuting in a 1989 small-press comic written and drawn by creator Steven A. Roman, she has gone on to star in the mature readers graphic novel, Lorelei: Sects and the City. This collection of convention sketches and rarely seen artwork features the work of some amazing talents, including a few comic-art legends.


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