Bob Larkin Sketchbook

The Bob Larkin Sketch book
The Bob Larkin Sketchbook


“Nothing was more inspiring to me as a young wannabe comics artist than to become like Bob Larkin and try my best to breathe life into dreams like he did.”
—Alex Ross, artist of Kingdom Come and Marvels



SummaryThe legendary cover artist’s first sketchbook, available exclusively from Starwarp Concepts!

He’s created some of comics’ most iconic images—a snarling Hulk raising a green-hued fist in anger, Conan the Barbarian strangling an enemy, even the disco-inspired first-issue cover for The Dazzler—and inspired some of the industry’s most popular artists.

From the Planet of the Apes to Babylon 5 and Star Wars, from Doc Savage and Spider-Man to Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock, and from the low-budget epic Piranha to the kitschy Batman and Robin, there’s little that artist Bob Larkin hasn’t painted. But few of his fans have ever seen the incredible sketch work that goes into these incredible pieces—until now.

The Bob Larkin Sketchbook is a 24-page collection of superheroes, wrestling stars, femme fatales, and pulp adventurers—foremost among them a trio of brand-new pencil drawings done exclusively for this volume!


rave reviews for Larkin “Throughout the ’70s and ’80s, if you saw Bob Larkin’s name on the cover to a magazine or comic, you simply had to have it…. This is a guy that’s never truly received the credit for being one of the best all-time cover artists.”

—Shotgun Reviews

“With Larkin’s vibrant movie-poster style, ferocious barbarians, sci-fi and fantasy icons, classic movie monsters and buxom beauties burst from the page, caught in breathtaking action.”

“Larkin’s magazine and paperback covers are both legendary and iconic. There are few pop culture touchstones which this artist hasn’t depicted with his unique and powerful style of illustration.”
—Bud’s Art Books

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