white_fell_large_book_cover2017A classic tale of blind love and bloodstained horror, by a 19th-century leader of the suffragette movement!

“Attains a high degree of gruesome tension.”
—H. P.  Lovecraft






A beautiful woman wanders into a snowbound village—and into the hearts of twin brothers, one of whom immediately becomes smitten by her.

The other brother, however, soon grows suspicious of the enigmatic White Fell. Where did she come from? Why does she always carry an ax? And is her sudden appearance somehow related to the recent sightings of a bloodthirsty wolf in the area?

He may come to regret being so inquisitive…

“An elegant, bittersweet story of twin brothers and the beautiful woman who comes between them. Housman effectively creates an atmosphere of dread and horror.”

“For Housman, the female werewolf is a vehicle for her to present a strong feminist-inspired female character…. It is possible that Housman was telling the world that women had a hidden strength and that men should beware of their own hidden nature.”
—The Nuke Mars Journal of Speculative Fiction

“Housman manages to show women as dangerous and more developed than what the thinking of the time gave them credit for…. By being an intelligent, beautiful, and primal woman, [White Fell] is a revolutionary antagonist that only Housman and her political ideals could conceive of.”
—Spectral Visions

“White Fell is interesting because she subverts many of the tropes of the monstrous woman—i.e without maternal instincts, animalistic, lustful, etc. She is a femme fatale only in the most basic sense that she is a deadly woman.”
—International Gothic Association

“A fairy tale in an unnamed far-northern land in the grip of winter. I quite enjoyed the fairy-tale quality of it, and found it rather haunting. Also, it doesn’t hurt that the werewolf is a badass woman with an ax.”
—All You Can Books

“A story about the power of love and sacrifice, recommended to fans of classic genre fiction with a deeper, even spiritual message.”
—Danielle’s Book Thoughts

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