Blood Reign

Blood Reign

Blood Reign“Roman has an incredible gift for running lateral plot lines that intersect with a glorious crash, while keeping the reader interested in the fate of each player. His style is accessible and brisk.”
Monster Librarian 


“When it comes to horrific chills, no one does it better than Steven A. Roman. Clive Barker would be proud!”
Jazma Online


She was stabbed in the heart with an ancient spear. Her mother was kidnapped by a band of vampires seeking to unleash hell on earth. And every living creature on the planet faces extinction at the hands of a race of ancient monsters.

But for Pandora Zwieback, teenage monster hunter in training, the worst may be yet to come…


“If you thought the first book, Blood Feud, was high powered, you’ll love this book! To paraphrase movie mogul Samuel Goldwyn’s quote: Blood Reign starts with an earthquake and builds to a climax…. This was one fun read!”

Dwight Jon Zimmerman, New York Times bestselling coauthor of Lincoln’s Last Days: The Shocking Assassination That Changed America Forever


“If Blood Feud, the first volume, took some deliberate pacing steps to build Pandora’s character, this volume eschews that as it thunders along at breakneck speed, barely pausing for breath at any given time (and, I must say, the volume was devoured at speed as well)… I thoroughly enjoyed this volume.”

Taliesin Meets the Vampires


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