TERRA INCOGNITO: A Guide to Building the Worlds of Your Imagination


terra_ingoc_lg_coverStarWarp Concepts’ first reference work for writers, by the bestselling author of Gauntlet: Dark Legacy: Paths of Evil and Star Trek: SCE: Echoes of Coventry!

 “I think Terra Incognito is a solid introduction to the subject of world building. The book succeeds in helping the aspiring writer in creating a skeletal framework on which to hang the moving parts required of a believable fictional setting.”
—The Gaming Gang




Lao Tzu said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” But the journey of imagination begins with a single idea—one that can shape entire worlds, if you so choose. And no one knows that better than bestselling fantasy author Richard C. White, who brings his expertise for world building to this reference guide for writers interested in crafting their own storytelling environments.

In Terra Incognito, White outlines the detailed steps by which writers can create the sort of countries, populations, governments, and militaries that are essential for building a three-dimensional fantasy world that will engage readers. You’ll learn how to:

  • Avoid the pitfalls of naming characters, regions, and countries
  • Apply the technique of “outside in” to develop and then refine ideas for your world
  • Create a world your readers can relate to, regardless of its technological levels
  • Identify how to create backstories and conflict by observing how your world comes together
  • Add details to make your story richer without overwhelming your readers
  • Identify useful resources for research
  • With the inspiration provided by Terra Incognito: A Guide to Building the Worlds of Your Imagination, you’ll soon be on your way to constructing the framework for your own fantasy or science fictional realms—and taking readers along for the journey!

Includes an exclusive interview with Tracy Hickman, New York Times bestselling author of Dragonlance, The Annals of Drakis, and Dragonships of Vindras!


“A very good spin on the tried and true ‘good-guys-for-hire’ formula. All in all, an enjoyable read that I would recommend to anyone.”
Word of the Nerd, on Troubleshooters, Incorporated: Night Stalkings


“An accurately dialogued epic set in a place and time of fantasy. If you like pirates or elves or fantasy adventure or pure swashbuckling, then pick it up.”
Comic Genesis, on The Chronicles of the Sea Dragon Special


“Richard C. White certainly knows his subject, having spent fifteen years in military intelligence as a cryptanalyst and linguist, and with Echoes of Coventry—his first foray into the Starfleet Corps of Engineers—he establishes that he knows how to write as well.”
Trek Today, on Star Trek: SCE: Echoes of Coventry


“Richard C. White knows how to write a story! Well paced and flowing nicely…this is a sign of a an awesome writer.”
Goodreads, on The Demon’s Head: For a Few Gold Pieces More, Book 1


“The perfect choice for anyone who loves surprises…. I finished it hoping that Mr. White gives readers another opportunity to get to know these characters better in the future.”
Long and Short Reviews, on Shades of Blue: For a Few Gold Pieces More, Book 3

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