The Saga of Pandora Zwieback

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SummaryThe Sage of Pandora Zwieback #0: This special comic-book introduction to the Saga of Pandora Zwieback novel series is hosted by Pandora, and includes two preview chapters from Book 1: Blood Feud, in which rival vampire clans search for the key to an ultimate weapon – a key that’s been delivered to the horror museum owned by Pan’s father!

The Saga of Pandora Zwieback Annual #1: Pan’s first full-length comic book adventure! Following the events of Blood Feud and Blood Reign, Pan tries to get her life back in order. But that’s really hard to do when one of her boyfriend Javier’s ex-girlfriends screws up Pan’s first official date with him. Stupid mythological siren . . .


praise_con“Pan is so three-dimensional that you feel you’ve known her your entire life.”
– Krypto Dies!


“Pan is a strong, in-depth character I instantly liked and related to. I would love to be friends with Pan.”
– Fiction Fascination

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